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what would happen to your assets and money (“your estate”) if you live in Western Australia and died today without a will (or a valid will)?

Important Note

  • If you made a will and were subsequently married it is automatically revoked (cancelled).

  • If you made a will when you were married and the marriage subsequently ended it is automatically revoked (cancelled) unless:

    • the marriage ended before or on 8 February 2008;

    • a contrary intention appears in the will; or

    • there is other evidence establishing such an intention.

  • You might have prepared a will that is not valid for numerous other reasons such as that it has not been executed (signed) properly.


The information contained in this personal assessment is a guide only and is provided to give you no more than a general idea of what would happen if you died today without a valid will and to alert you to the possibility that undesired consequences might flow from you dying without leaving a valid will. The information is not legal information or advice, and you must obtain advice from a solicitor regarding your own specific personal situation.  B Legal Lawyers accepts no liability for any losses you incur as a result of you acting on or relying upon the information contained in this personal assessment.

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