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Power of Attorney/s 


Enduring Power of Attorney/Enduring Power of Guardianship

$100 each or $150 for a couple​ (if purchased with a will package)

$300 each or $500 for a couple (if purchased without a will package)

Guarantor's Legal Advice




We request that you email or post us the relevant documents so that we can review them carefully before our meeting with you.  


We attend your home or place of business in order to:


1. explain the documents and your guarantor obligations to you;

2. answer any questions you might have; 

3. witness you signing the documents; and        

4. sign a solicitor’s certificate and any other required documents.



Loan or Loan Facility Agreement



Promissory Note Deed (Legally Binding “IOU”)



Mortgage for Private Lender

$1500 inclusive of Landgate fee for copy of Certificate of Title ($24.85) and

Landgate filing fee ($165.80)


Employment Documents


Employment Contract (Full time, Part-time or Casual)


Independent Contractor Agreement


Service Agreement


Confidentiality Agreement (one-way or mutual)



Website Documents


Website Terms of Use



Privacy Policy



Returns Policy


Company Documents


Co-ownership Agreement / Shareholders’ Deed



Execution of Documents (director approvals package)



Power of Attorney (execution of documents)



Appointment of Company Officers (director approvals package)



Resignation of Company Officers (director approvals package)



Change of Company Name (shareholder approvals package)



Adoption or Replacement of Constitution (shareholder approvals package)



Constitution for Proprietary Company Limited by Shares





Confidentiality Agreement (one-way or mutual)



Guarantee of Contractual Obligations – Deed of Guarantee



Intellectual Property

Testimonial Release and Consent (consent to use quote, image and/or recording)


Law Firm Documents


Solicitors Costs Agreement


Quotes for other other fixed fee services can be provided upon us receiving your request.



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